Who Am I?

                                          Tracy for Shefa

Rev. Tracy Rich

Patience and a calm presence are two of my gifts. Those I sit with are invited to find their own pace and path for evolution and healing. Our sessions can include silence, meditation, chant, writing, and talking/listening. I also use somatic awareness and a trauma-sensitive lens throughout all of my work. I am available to meet virtually and also have some in-person availability in the Boston, MA area.

I have responded to the call to offer a whole human approach to evolution and growth that weaves and integrates a multitude of spiritual practices and ritual offerings, holding a lens of social justice throughout. I resonate most deeply with the spiritual teachings of Judaism, Nature, and Buddhism and have also studied and been blessed with connections to Christianity. I have 30+ years of experience working with families, using mindfulness tools and a deep understanding of parenting and child development to invite people into authentic relationships with their children.  

My work and personal life paths have been varied, confusing, productive, and fulfilling and have taught me that our paths often take unexpected – and always useful – turns. In April 2018, I was ordained as an interspiritual Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies. For the past eighteen years, I have had the amazing good fortune to work at the Center for Early Relationship Support, both as a Visiting Mom and now as the Lauren and Mark Rubin Visiting Moms Program Director. I’ve worked as a Russian interpreter, HR/Finance Director, daycare provider,  and a post-partum doula. I have a BA from Oberlin College, and a certificate as a Chanting and Meditation Leader through ALEPH and Rabbi Shefa Gold . I’ve raised two daughters, whom I adopted when they were each babies and are now young adults, and I am in a life partnership. At 65 I am so grateful to have reached a point of integration, where all my work is connected through a prism of love and service.

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