Soul Journey 2020: Loyal Soldier

Soul Journey, established in 2017,  is an earth based program supporting the transition from living an ego-centric to a soul-centric life. It is dedicated to the awareness that finding and living our soul’s path is the reason we are embodied in human form. Soul Journey programs offer support, practices, and inspiration to take steps towards  a life infused with healing, meaning, and purpose.

In 2020  Soul Journey will offer two 4-month intensives. The first intensive, Loyal Soldier, will meet from the end of February to early June. The second, spanning September-December, will be Sacred Wound. You can participate in one or both intensives.  

At the end of the war, some Japanese communities had the wisdom to understand that many of their returning soldiers were not prepared to reenter civil, peaceful society. The veterans’ only identity for their formative years had been as a “loyal soldier” to their country, but now they needed a broader identity.

So the communities created a ceremony whereby a soldier was publicly thanked and praised for their service to the people. After the soldier had been profusely honored, an elder would stand and announce with authority: “The war is now over! The community needs you to let go of what has served you and us well up to now. We now need you to return as a parent, a partner, a friend, a mentor—something beyond a soldier.”

I call this process “discharging your loyal soldier.” As Ken Wilber suggests, we need to “transcend and include” as we grow, recognizing the value of what has come before while shedding old skins and identities that no longer fit us. from:

Loyal Soldier

 “The Loyal Soldier is the voice of all your early authority figures. His or her ability to offer shame, guilt, warnings, boundaries, and self-doubt is the gift that never stops giving.”- Richard Rohr

Through the darkness and dysfunction of the human experience, we often create an internal warrior, a soldier, that fought for our survival. This soldier protected our physical, emotional and energetic bodies from being harmed or destroyed; this soldier knew we are inherently loveable but the conditions did not support that knowledge at the time.  In our own unique ways, we learned how to lessen injury and harm by developing the archetype of “loyal soldier,” one who was devoted to maintaining our masks. As Bill Plotkin writes “The Loyal Soldier’s approach to this task was—and continues to be—to make us small or invisible, to suppress much of our natural exuberance, emotions, desires, and wildness so we might be sufficiently acceptable to our parents.” This archetype often lives deep inside, influencing our choices and sense of self, and limiting our sense of possibility.

What are you defending?

You are no longer a young child; you have grown up and become your own caretaker, so why is the loyal soldier still active? For many of us, we have not acknowledged that the “war” is over. We have not honored our loyal soldier’s service and wisdom. We have not discharged our loyal soldier. 

Through earth-based ceremony, somatic movement, meditation, writing, chanting, and group offerings, we will journey through witnessing, honoring, and discharging our own loyal soldiers. Soul Journey is a project that weaves ceremony forward into day to day life and marks an individual’s and group’s rites of passage. This work fosters community support for each individual’s journey. Within our consistent cohort,  we will create a community of support, building stamina and insight in order to discharge your soldier. 

What is included?

2 day long retreats (March 7 and June 7) 10am-5pm

3 evening meetings (Feb 20th, April 2nd, May 7th), 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Two private sessions to be scheduled individually: (1 somatic intention setting session with Shakti Marina Eskina and 1 spiritual mentoring session with Tracy Rich)

To schedule a free, 20 minute phone call to give you a chance to get more information, please E-mail me at your convenience and we will schedule a time to talk.

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