Soul Journey 2.0 Roots: Darkness and Light (Starts April 4)

Facilitated by Tracy Rich and Shakti Marina Eskina

teacup altar

The yearning to belong and to receive love is a yearning to know ourselves as beloved. Soul Journey: Roots – Darkness and Light is a 9-month intensive that supports being with our deeply rooted patterns and trauma in a space of love. This program offers practices, ceremonies and support to risk living a heart-centered, soul-centric, and healing life. Your soul journey presents ways to remember who you truly are; in this process of  expressing yourself fully, change and healing can arise – in you, in your family, and in the world.

What were you met with when you were born here?

Where you fully fed and clothed?

Was your grief welcome?

Was your joy?

Were you ever enough?

What did you believe?

What do you believe now?

The core practices we utilize: drumming, chanting, visualization, meditation, intuitive movement, somatic bodywork and reflective sharing are all pathways to connect to your inner wisdom and guidance. Through these practices, we partner with you in journeying towards an authentic and full expression of yourself.  This is an individual journey that is supported in a group cohort.

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Your Journey In Love: Monthly Themes

April                                                   Listening body

May                                                   Noticing Mind

June                                                      Soul Voice

July/August (3 day retreat)              Life Expression

September                                           Vulnerability & Confusion

October                                                Process of Breaking Down

November                                           Ongoing Transformation

December                                            Practice of  Integration

We welcome each person and are continually developing our understanding and awareness of diversity, culture, healing, trauma, and humility in order to create a space that is exceptionally welcoming and open, with the belief that this has a fundamental impact on the suffering in our world.


one monthly group meeting, three private sessions with each of the co-facilitators (six private sessions total),  and a 3 day summer retreat

Cost: Sliding Scale of $1,750 to $2,250 (Deposit of $350 by February 15, 2019)

Sliding Scale Intention: We are offering a sliding scale so you can decide what amount feels best to you at this time in your life. Our understanding is that we each have our own orientation towards money and finances. We offer you the chance to decide without judgment or assessment by us. 

In addition, we are offering scholarships and payment plans. Please inquire for more information about these options.

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E-mail us at to set up a time for  a free 20-minute phone call to find out more and get answers to your questions

From LC (2018 Soul Journey participant): “My 10 months with Soul Journey have been transforming in a way I never could have anticipated. Shakti and Tracy led me and our group … in powerful ways. Each month’s gathering….offered insight and guidance forward on my path of personal discovery… I always felt held, supported and guided.”

From CB (2018 Soul Journey participant): When I signed up for Soul Journey, I was desperately searching for something to make me feel better about my life path.  I was looking for something to take me past the shame, fear, and health problems that were becoming ingrained as part of my self identity.  The class didn’t go as I had expected it to… I broke down old barriers and defenses that I didn’t even understand were there.  I learned and practiced loving kindness, not only for those around me, but for myself… I have no doubt in my mind that I am a more spiritual, honest, caring, ethical, and true version of myself than I have ever been thanks to the work we did in Soul Journey.  The experience changed my life.  I know the work to better ourselves will never be truly done, but at least now, I know what loving who I am feels like.