Adam and Eve Reimagined


For years I have been wondering about the creation story of Adam and Eve. Whether one is part of the Judeo-Christian lineage or not, the energy of this story permeates those raised in the Western world. Reimagining this story has been a goal of mine for a while…as my studies and inner understanding has brought me to a place where I absolutely reject the idea of “original sin” or “guilt” as a motivating factor for humans. We are beloved no matter what. We exist in human form to learn how to be human, which includes our imperfection. There is no shame in imperfection – just the humble understanding that we continually forget and remember and forget how absolutely lovable we – and everyone else – is.

Here is the latest reimagining:

Once upon a time, Great Consciousness had a yearning to create. Love was expanding and bursting and swirling. Love burst out into billions of shiny sparks of energy that expanded throughout the universe and poured forth; the world was created. Out of light and darkness came the sun and the moon, the sea beings and the land animals. The birds swooped, and trees and flowers and fruits and vegetables blossomed. Great Consciousness loved the world and all the creations and was filled with peace.

Love then created the first humans, Adam and Eve.  Great Consciousness loved Adam and Eve, who explored the Garden and loved all that was created.

One day they saw an amazing Tree. Great Consciousness had originally told them they were not yet ready to taste of the Tree. That day they felt ready and they tasted the Tree’s fruit. When they ate the energy that surged through them was nearly unbearable. The intensity of Love and Understanding was almost too much. They sought a quiet place in the Garden to meditate.

Later that day, they felt the breath of Great Consciousness and heard the question, “Where are you?” Adam and Eve did not know how to answer; they were not ready to completely reconnect to the Breath of Love. Again the call went out: “Where are you?”  Adam and Eve heard and still did not know how to answer. They were trying to absorb the new feelings and ideas they were experiencing. They understood that they could not stay in the Garden of Eden forever because they could not truly grow there. Great Consciousness asked again, “Where are you?” and Adam and Eve felt Great Consciousness’s love pouring out towards them. They suddenly understood that to be human meant that suffering and pleasure were experiences they had to go through. They understood that they would be loved no matter what – that they were simply going to develop their humanness. Great Consciousness was and had always been and always would be within and all around them; they simply had to remember.

There was no shame in eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve had trusted their own inner authority and the connection to the source of Love that was guiding them. There was no punishment in the eating – simply awareness that the human experience would include great suffering and great possibility of deep abiding connection to Great Consciousness.

But it was too much to truly understand and hold so as the story of their creation was told generation to generation and as the experiences of suffering mixed with times of connection continued, humans developed a false sense that perfection was the goal, that they were inherently unlovable unless they somehow did everything perfectly or gave up their inner authority to someone else. From time to time a human would appear to remind them that Love was available – completely available – to everyone no matter what. That each human holds this divine spark of Love and Connection deep within and as they let that spark shine Great Consciousness breathes fully within and all around them, which allows Light and Love to flow to the next human, reminding each one in turn that they are completely lovable – right now, as they are.

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